Home Addition Design & Remodeling

Building home additions can be a revolutionary step in the lives of your family.

Creating Your Style

The choice to add on may involve deciding to open up a wall and extend the floor plan to create additional square footage, or build up. Where some people like to add another floor to their home, others prefer to span out to occupy their entire lot.

Planning Your Scheme

Regardless of the direction that you decide to make the addition, this change will inevitably add value, character, and a better living experience to your home, and the builders at Amarant Design & Build Center are here to assist you every step of the way. As the process begins, several factors must be taken into consideration to determine eligibility of the desired addition in comparison to the project budget.

Allow us to guide you through the Home Additions Remodel process

Our experienced builders and project managers at Amarant Design & Build Center will thoroughly evaluate all factors of the addition that could possibly affect the project schedule. Factors such as electrical, plumbing, and foundation will all be inspected during the process. Once we have completed our evaluation and inspection, we will create a digital rendering of your home addition to give you a clear view of what it will look like upon completion and to make any changes before the design plans are finalized. This process will save you an extraordinary amount of money and time.

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We can make your dream home additions a reality. View samples of our beautiful home addition remodels.

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